Musical Dictation - Options and Settings

Musical Dictation - Ear training with musical notation - Settings screen
  • Tone

  • The base note of the dictation. When creating a new dictation, the staff is filled with this note. It is always the first note of the dictation.
  • Number of notes

  • The total number of notes. From 2 to 24 notes. (*)

    (*) 16 notes in lite versión.
  • Tempo

  • The tempo (speed) of the dictation. From 30 to 180 BPM.
  • Intervals in halftones

  • Select the intervals you want to appear in the dictation. It is better to start with easy intervals as the semitone (1) or the tone (2) and gradually add new intervals.

When starting musical dictation, the default settings will be those who had the last time it was used.