eComposer is an app that creates songs and original music with melody and drums rhythm through random algorithms.

The new version 2.0 of eComposer incorporates a Beatbox with 64 preset rhythms, 64 variations and over 30 different percussion instruments. The rhythms are sorted by type of rhythm and style.

eComposer algorithmically creates one voice original melodies with drum rhythms, up to an hour length, with any tempo for any instrument. Thanks to its accessible interface, composing music has never been so easy. Even without any musical skill.

Main Screen eComposer
Settings Screen eComposer

eComposer saves your compositions in MidiFile format, an standard format that you can easily share on your social networks. You can also save your favourite melodies adjustments in Preset format

Create your own music

Use your music created by eComposer, royalty-free (*), as sountrack for your videos, slideshows, theater, performances or even as Muzak for shops, exhibitions, etc.

Share your compositions with your friends on social networks.

If you are a composer or a keen on song-writing, take advantage of the inexhaustible melodies flow that eComposer brings you.

(*) Excepting extraordinary coincidence cases with previously registered melodies.


eComposer is an app that works with any smart phone or tablet, screen size and resolution, from HONEYCOMB 3.0 (API level 11) version of the Android operating system.