eComposer - Options and Settings

Main screen

Instruments - Read more


Located on the top of the screen, lets you choose from 128 high quality Midi instruments.

eComposer instruments
Tempo - Read more


Adjust the melody speed in BPM (beats per minute).

eComposer tempo in bpm
Keyboard - Read more


With the keyboard you can change the overall tune of your melody, raising or lowering the octave.

Keyboard eComposer
Beatbox and percussion - Read more

Beatbox and percussion

Nrw in version 2.0eComposer incorporates a beatbox with 30 percussion instruments, 64 rhythm presets and 64 variations, sorted by type of rhythm and style.

eComposer Beatbox and percussion
Rhythm and melody volume controls - Read more

Rhythm and melody volume controls

New in version 2.0 Independent melody and rhythm volume and On / Off controls.

eComposer rhythm and melody volume controls
Player - Read more


A standard player with play, pause and stop controls.

Player eComposer
Settings-Presets-Save- Read more


Settings, Presets and Save midi files and presets controls.

Settings-Presets-Save Load Midi file presets

Settings screen

Base note - Read more

Base note

New in version 2.0 Selects the base note of the composition.

Base note eComposer
Notes range in Octaves - Read more

Notes range in Octaves

Selects the note range used by eComposer. Each unit is an octave.

Notes range in Octaves eComposer
Melodic complexity - Read more

Melodic complexity

Modules the melodic complexity of the composition.

Melodic complexity eComposer
Notes density - Read more

Notes density

Define the density of notes, the number of notes per second the composition will have.

Notes density eComposer
Melodic movement - Read more

Melodic movement

Defines the frequency of the changes in the ascending or descending direction of the melody.

Melodic movement eComposer
Composition length - Read more


Sets the duration of the melody.

Composition length eComposer
Style / Create - Read more

Style / Create

Style selection and create composition controls.

Musical styles eComposer